Broken Spoke Overland

About Us

Broken Spoke Overland Adventure Travel Team
We are a Husband and Wife overland adventure travel team.

We are a husband and wife, plus #FrankieTheTrailDog, overland adventure travel team. We love to travel together, sharing our experiences and inspiring others to adventure too. We are based out of Nolensville, Tennessee, located just south of Nashville. Our goal is to get out and enjoy the journey, especially while connecting with the overland community here on the east coast. It is great to meet people from all over the country that love to get out and enjoy this journey!

The Team

Journey Together
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Adventure Captain
Michael has been described by friends as the “Swiss Army knife with a pulse.” He is an engineer by day, serial hobbyist by night. He is ready for an adventure around every corner.
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Adventure First Mate
Leslie is a lover of books and adventure. She is a nurse by day, and a book worm by night. Without hesitation she’s ready to pick up and leave on an adventure at any time.
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She was found horribly malnourished while camping in the winter months. Frankie has happily joined the journey and been making a full recovery. She now enjoys her time eating, sleeping, and being a fool.